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April 22, 2015

Footing poured in cold, wet and windy conditions.  Working on south foundationat front entrance.

April 17, 2015

Construction has begun.  Construction Manager, Don Freeburg is on site.   Trenches for footings were dug this week.  Here are Bob Jacob and Dave Boleyn assisting.

November 5, 2014

Elgin First Baptist ready for growth

Brian Smith

             In 2010 the First Baptist Church of Elgin began seriously discussing the idea of bidding on some property west of Elgin that was scheduled to be auctioned off in February. The church had been discussing the possibility of purchasing property in order to increase available ministry space for some time. The congregation voted to put in a bid and it was a successful one. The church closed on the property by the end of March that year. The journey toward establishing a new place for First Baptist to worship and conduct its ministries had begun. The groundbreaking that occurred on Sunday, Nov. 2, signified a first step in the actual building process.

            “The original plan was to renovate the building that was already on the property and use it as additional space. However, when we considered the square footage of that building, the cost, and some other logistical issues, we began to pray about and ultimately pursue building a new worship/ministry center,” said Pastor Lee Boleyn.

            The existing building’s square footage was less than half of what was needed for ministries that the church is already involved in, such as Awana clubs and vacation Bible school. Awana clubs are currently held in three different locations and the annual vacation bible school uses up all the space inside their current building, plus some outdoor space. The new building will allow more space for nursery and toddler aged children, provide more available parking that would be located off the street, and will have more seating capacity in the sanctuary/multipurpose room. In short, the new building would allow the church to house all of its ministries, including worship needs, under one roof.

            “The total square footage of the new building will be 15,000 square feet. Our congregation is especially going to notice the increase in classroom space and the nursery/toddler rooms,” noted Boleyn.

            So many people have been involved in the planning, donating, and work that was required to get to this point, that Pastor Boleyn was reluctant to mention specific individuals. However, the church did have two teams that were a major part of planning and fund raising. The Property Planning Team consisted of Rhett Jensen, Stan Shaffer, Dennis Marmann, Diane Boleyn, Judy Rothlisberger, Sharon Rich, Marilyn Schaer, and Pastor Boleyn. The Fund Raising Team included Mark Putney, Marilyn Schaer, Sharon Shaffer, Dean Hilgerson, and Judy Rothlisberger.

            “Really the entire congregation has been on board with this throughout the whole process, with prayers, encouragement, and financial support. Also, former church members and friends of FBC  have given financially and have been praying for us as well,” added Boleyn.

            The church hopes to be finished with the new facility within a year to 18 months. They plan to pour the footings this fall and then put up a shell by the end of January, 2015. The goal is to be in the new building by the end of 2015 or early in 2016.

            Once in place, Boleyn believes that having the new building will carry with it several advantages. There will be less stress for parents bringing their children to the Awana program, as it will now be a “one stop” trip as opposed to the possibility of multiple stops. A large lobby area should also decrease congestion inside the building and allow for more and deeper fellowship time in a less crowded space. Finally, more adequate space for dining should make pot-luck dinners, funeral dinners, and family VBS meals much more efficient and comfortable. Most important of all, the new building will be a place of spiritual growth where those who come will experience a safe and friendly environment where God is honored and lives can be changed.

            “Our mission is to be disciples of Jesus and to make disciples for Jesus, so our goal is to reach every person in northeast Iowa that we can with the good news of God’s forgiveness. This new building will provide a place for worship and ministry where we can continue to provide individuals and families opportunities to worship together, just as we have been doing at our current location for 135 years,” the Pastor explained.

            Excitement and anticipation are words that best characterize the mood of the congregation as the church breaks ground on this project. Boleyn says that the church has experienced significant miracles during this process regarding congregational unity and financial needs. Every vote taken along the way has been a unanimous one to keep moving forward.

            “The generosity of everyone involved has resulted in God providing immeasurably more than we could have imagined to this point. We are excited and ready to get the project going,” closed Boleyn.

            The congregation at First Baptist in Elgin is looking forward to an exciting adventure as the new building takes shape. They are anticipating a great harvest from the seeds that have been sown, both now and for generations to come.    

November 2, 2014

Ground Breaking

August 2014

Don Freeburg of Rudolph, WI, is named Construction Manager.

June 2014

Goal of $800,000 to begin construction exceeded with Fifth-Sunday offering.  With thanks and praise to our God!

June 2013